Best Friend

Once upon a time there lived Vegetables in the  Janggem Palace. Their King was wise and kind. One day Spinach was playing ball in the playground. He felt alone than invited Carrot to play together. They were enjoying their playing. At that time, there was a Cabbage who was sad because he had not any friend in his life. He cried and prayed to God, “oh my God…give me a friends in my life. I felt alone here. I want to spend my day with playing. No one invited me.” He said. Cabbage was jealous with Carrot and Spinach relationship. He decided to approach them.

“ you look so happy!” said the Cabbage. “yes we are” answered the Spinach. “won’t you play with us?” asked the Carrot. “yes, I will’ answered the Cabbage. Than they played ball together.

One Evening, when the Carrot took a water in the river, the rain was down. He hurried to back in the Palace while brought an pail of water for the King. Knowing that situation, Spinach helped his friend. He brought him an umbrella. Cabbage looked them. “ you look so heavy with that pail. Let me to bring it.” Said the Cabbage. “no, thank you. The King asked me to keep the water on it. And I must bring it by myself.” Answered the Carrot. “I can help you with deliver this pail to King.” Cabbage ordered. Cabbage also wanted to get a good name in the king’s sight.

“Cabbage…you know that the King will be angry if we don’t bring his request by ourselves.” said the spinach. Then Cabbage took the pail and spilled the water in it necessity. “Cabbage !! you are wicked! I regret to invite you in playing last day.” Said the Carrot.

After that Spinach accompanied Carrot to meet the King. Than the King laughed after listening Spinach and Carrot story. The king asked them to left the palace.

In the morning, as an usual activity, Carrot took a pail of water in the river. And Spinach took vegetables in the garden. Whereas Cabbage just prayed at home. He always wanted to get friend. From the window, Cabbage called Carrot and Spinach. But they kept silent. Cabbage apologized to them about his attitude yesterday. He explained that his attitude was still childish. “ apologized me, please. And receive me again as your friend.” Said the Cabbage.

Carrot and spinach looked at each other. They decide to receive cabbage again. “thanks a lot my friends.” Said the Cabbage. “Now, let me to help you in bringing the water and vegetables.” “here you are.” Said the Carrot.

When they arrived at the palace, Cabbage repeated his bad attitude. He threw away the vegetables into the river. Carrot and Spinach became angry. And they run into the palace. Carrot accused to the king about Cabbage’s attitude. The king just smiled again. “ pay attention! Don’t you think that I always give you personally task every day? But why you always make it complicated?” said the King. Carrot, Spinach, and Cabbage was silent and listened carefully.

“ I always hear that you, Cabbage, always  make a problem. Okay. I make a competition. Who is the important vegetables between you all. Next week I collect you in the palace to present what’s your excellent. But before that, you must campaign to my people. The winner will be my executive.” Said the king.

After knowing the competition of the king, all the vegetables especially Carrot, Spinach, and Cabbage competated to get the reward from the King. Cabbage was very energetic. He collected the people in the farm. “ my dear, you should choose me to be the winner. Because Iam good for you beauty and health.”

In the playground, Carrot collected his followers. “ please choose me as the winner. Iam good for your eyes”. Whereas Spinach campaigned in the garden. “my beloved followers, you know that I give you a lot of advantages. I can make your body strong, spirit, and health. Please choose me as the first.”

Day by day vegetables campaigned their advantages to human. And the date was came. The king called all the vegetables and human to collect in the palace. The first performance was Spinach. He performed perfectly. “ dear my Lord and human…let me presentation my advantages to you. Iam Spinach, people need me to be strong and get iron essence. You won’t get weak, tired, suffocated, etc.”

The second performance was Carrot. “ let me introduce myself, I am Carrot, I am important vegetables for human’s eyes. I can make human’ eyes health.”

The last performance is Cabbage. “ please pay attention, I am Cabbage. I am the most important vegetables that human need. I can make woman beauty and make the people healthy.

Looking all the performance, the king just laughed loudly. “ ha…ha…ha..why you all become foolish? Don’t you hear you talking about? You’re blame of money, gold, and prestige. I give this quiz in order you all the vegetables realize that nothing become the most important vegetables. You are one. With one purpose, to make human health. I also make this quiz in order you can become friends and help each other.”

Now the vegetables is shame. They apologize to the king and they commitment to live together in making people healthy. And Cabbage consider what his mistake. Cabbage, carrot, and Spanish become best friends forever after.


^-^ The End ^-^


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